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I was brought up Christian, so always knew God but from a distance. Bishop David and Mary Pytches and leaders from St. Andrews Chorleywood, England pioneered a Christian renewal festival called New Wine, loosely connected to the Vineyard movement . My Christian testimony picks up in 1993. Our home church found out about the youth movement Soul Survivor, (part of New Wine) and went to the New Year House Party deep in the countryside. I began to encounter God's Presence, through the worship times and ministry times (laying on of hands) In the summer of '94 we went with my family to Soul Survivor bible camp in Bath. We all had intimate experiences with God, through the worship, and through deliverance ministry. I saw God in a whole new light. I experienced His joy, I laughed from the belly. God has ever since always been exciting. He has been very gracious to me, forgiving me for all my sins and making me a new person. 

I began making music in 1993 and 1994 - composing tracks, writing worship songs that our church sang. In later years I launched this radio station, mainly as a relaxation light music station, although in the last year I have decided to incorporate more worship music and a stronger Gospel message I beleive that Jesus was God, came as a man, both man and God at the same time, to really show us the heart of God the Father.. I'm currently working on new material for the radio station and website. I thank God for my audience, who never let me down. 

David Hall

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